What is HubSpot and How does it Impact my Business

    October 14th, 2020 | 12noon IST

    70% of startups in Israel use HubSpot today. Why? Because they want to stand out and eventually increase revenues. They are achieving this goal by using a powerful marketing automation and CRM platform such as HubSpot.

    Why Attend

    During the webinar we will show you why HubSpot is the right choice for your budget and your team. We we will show how companies like yours rely on CRMs and Marketing Automation platforms to increase their conversion rates substantially, and generate more leads, while being cost effective.  The end result is of course an increase in their revenues. 

    Who’s it for

    Times have most defiantly changed during the past year. A strong digital presence is important more than ever. This can exists only with a strong marketing strategy. This webinar is for companies who realize that and are searching for the right platform to fit their team, budget and needs.




    What to Expect

    This webinar will be a 60 mins high-level overview and insights of HubSpot as a platform for scaling your marketing and sales processes. During this webinar we we will teach you how companies rely on CRMs and Marketing Automation platforms to fuel their marketing and sales.

    Also we have a BONUS if you join us live, check out the Agenda :)

    Why you must be there!

    Cacao Media team are at the top of the class

    There are a lot of companies that claim to be HubSpot experts, but Cacao Media are the real deal. They worked with me to get my HubSpot set up exactly the way I needed it, trained my people to be independent, and is constantly available to me for big and little questions.

    They took the time to understand our business and then build the platform to drive our goals. The Cacao team was perfectly willing to work within my budget and found a way to give me the tools and understanding I needed to run my email automation and maximize our use of the platform. I cannot recommend the Cacao team highly enough.


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    Our Featured Speakers

    Resa Gooding

    Co-Founder & CMO Cacao Media

    Karin Tamir

    COO, Cacao Media


    1. What is HubSpot
    2. How do businesses typically use HubSpot
    3. Who gets value from HubSpot

    BONUSAvailable if you attend the webinar  LIVE

    • BONUS : PPC Content Plan

    Should you have any questions do reach out to resa@cacaomedia.co

    What to bring

    1. An open mind
    2. Notepad to take notes

    Language of instruction