Salesforce + HubSpot integration

Are you using Salesforce as your CRM and HubSpot as your Marketing Automation platform? Then I am sure if you’ve attempted the sync you have a host of sync errors. We can help you get these two systems working together so you see the same data on both platforms and more importantly can extract the right reports.







Look no further if you are looking for THE A TEAM!


The invaluable work of Resa Gooding and her team. What would I do without you!!! The professional attitude, advice, support and readiness to go the extra mile is a rare blend of characteristics when working with digital marketing agencies. And they get the job done. Worth the investment for sure, as getting it right from the start makes it so much easier down the road. No more Marketing black hole stuff. And the sync with the Salesforce CRM is a win. Thank you Cacao Media!


Lianne Schneider-Trantz, Novidea

Integrate HubSpot with Salesforce

Identify and Resolve Sync Errors

Having worked with salesforce and HubSpot integration, our team of experts can quickly identify and resolve sync errors that prevent data from synchronizing in your Salesforce integration settings.

Lead Scoring

Once we’ve resolved sync errors, we’ll help fine-tune your lead scoring taking into consideration feedback from your sales team, your customers, and your analytics reports. This will help in piecing together what content is most valuable for converting leads into customers, which will help attach certain points to certain offers, emails, and so on.

Service Level Agreement -SLA

We identify and solve your sync errors and go one step further...Marketing and sales teams need to be aligned for a business to increase its revenue and one way of ensuring this happens is by having an SLA. We’ll prepare an SLA for you that takes into consideration the goals of both teams and includes what's needed by both parties, points of contact, and repercussions if goals aren’t met.