HubSpot Sales & CRM Setup

Decrease the time spent on non-sales tasks

We set up HubSpot Sales & CRM to fit YOUR business processes. This is more than the out-of-the-box HubSpot implementation. We ensure after our setup that the system works for you, not the other way around.




A great experience


We've been working with Cacao media migrating from another solution + completely implementing HubSpot (Marketing, Sales & CRM). I have to say, Resa, Joe and the team have done amazing work and training sessions for us! We now have a completely automatic flow from the time a users leaves his details and until a deal is closed (our funnel is quite complex, it usually takes quite some time, have many steps and is assigned to different owners in the company until the deal is closed).


Nir Geninson, Reblaze

Set up your CRM right & close more deals


CRM is not a plug-and-play tool that you simply add to your tech stack. Statistics show 55% to 75% of CRM implementation projects initially fail. We’ll help make sure you aren’t part of this statistic by using tried and tested principles and CRM implementation best practices.

Increased Revenue

Once your CRM is set up, we train you and your team on how to track activities and prospect interactions. This increases the team’s productivity while reducing the sales cycle.


A huge part of ensuring the system works for you is making sure that relevant reports can be extracted from the CRM. We help set up such custom reports, filters and dashboards for ease of tracking productivity and leads.