HubSpot Team Training (Sales, Marketing, Service)

Let's face it. Your goal is not to work with an agency forever. And if you are to achieve that it means that your in-house teams need to understand how to use HubSpot better. With our customized team training, we get them on board and using the systems fully.







Thorough, knowledgeable and charismatic!


Resa and team have a created an excellent program to help people and companies successfully navigate, understand and master HubSpot while giving useful tips and tricks for best marketing practices along the way. Well organized, knowledgable, accountable and charismatic are some of the words I would use to describe my experience thus far with Resa.


Gabrielle Zohar, GigaSpaces Technologies

Become self-sufficient with this HubSpot training

A Specialized Training program

We’ll take time to understand your company’s core business then we’ll curate a specific training program that touches on your needs. This will see to it that your team stays ahead of the curve and is more efficient in their duties.

Improve your bottom line

By improving your team's skills they're going to be better at their jobs which means more productivity for you. Once fully trained, you'll be a much more efficient user of all HubSpot's tools with the ability to execute many more tasks.

Answers to your specific questions

Face-to-face training is 10X better than trying to sift through HubSpot Academy on your own. Our HubSpot training allows you to delve into your own HubSpot portal and provides the opportunity for troubleshooting & advice.