Setting up the Ads Tool in HubSpot

PPC is an integrated part of your strategy but now your ads are not connected to HubSpot so you aren’t capturing your leads directly to your CRM. We help you keep track of the ROI of your PPC spend by integrating Google AdWords and LinkedIn to HubSpot.






Knowledgeable, professional, and informative!

I have learned so much from Resa and the team about making the most of HubSpot, as well as staying up to date with best practices in marketing and sales. They are the most genuinely helpful people I've met, and so eager to share their knowledge to make other marketers excel in their roles. After every interaction I've had with Resa, whether one to one, in a workshop, or in a large event, I've come away with new creative ideas to apply right away to my work. I can't thank them enough for all they've done -- highly highly recommended!


Dana Naim, Twiggle

Let us connect your Ads to HubSpot for you


We’ll set up your Google ads, Facebook ads, Facebook lead ads, LinkedIn ads and Install your ad account pixels. To ensure your ads have maximum impact, we’ll create retargeted audiences in Hubspot based on your website visitors, your HubSpot contacts, or your existing audiences.


Tracking is important for you to learn which ads your contacts are clicking and converting on and we’ll help you set up ad tracking in HubSpot. If errors do occur, our team is trained to identify and resolve these errors quick.

Increase in Relevant Leads

We’ll help you sync and map leads that you get right in HubSpot. Since we’ll have retargeted audiences in HubSpot the leads that will result will be relevant leads.