What is HubSpot and Why Should You Care

    July 20, 2020 | 11am IST


    70% of startups in Israel use HubSpot today. In this workshop learn what they use HubSpot for and why it is the best time for you to know how to use this system.


    Why Attend

    In this workshop, we will show you why most companies use HubSpot today to run their marketing and sales activities and how you can become an expert in it as well.

    Who’s it for

    If you like learning new things, get excited by new technologies, and are looking for a new job or change in career then this workshop is for you. 

    What to Expect

    This workshop will last for 90 mins and give you a high-level overview of HubSpot. It is not intended to make you an expert on the platform but simply to give you some insights to see if this can be an interesting career for you

    Why you must be there!

    It was a great, insightful, and inspirational training day with Cacao Media. Usually, some type of event is short and obvious advertising about the advantages of a product. But Resa spent the whole day with us, she explained in detail all steps and possible difficulties as well as she provided many valuable tips and answered all questions. Thank you very much! Highly professional and very friendly!.

    Alona Seidel, marketing company Business Aspect

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    Bringing to you

    Our Featured Speakers

    Resa Gooding

    Co-Founder Cacao Media, HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner

    Gal Tarrab

    Digital Sales Strategist - Cacao Media


    1. What is HubSpot
    2. How do businesses typically use HubSpot
    3. Who gets value from HubSpot
    4. Why should you consider a career in HubSpot
    5. How to start a career as a HubSpot expert


    Should you have any questions do reach out to resa@cacaomedia.co

    What to bring

    1. An open mind
    2. Notepad to take notes

    Language of instruction

    English + Hebrew

    *There will be 2 sessions going on simultaneously so you can choose your language of preference once we begin.

    What Others Say

    I have attended several of Cacao's workshops, and I always find them very interesting and informative. They are great either if you are first starting with the platform, or if you are looking to dive into more specific tasks/concerns.

    Malena Battaglia, Marketing Manager, Splitit

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